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The S. v. Bassewitz GmbH & Co. is dealing with technologies for the future in the areas of cutting and forming. The aim is to create a link between the user and the scientist to find the adequate solution for our customers and to reduce production costs. As an example the High Speed Cutting may be cited:

The dry cutting or cutting with compressed air - as well as with minimum coolant quantity reduce the waste disposal cost of the chips (appr. 10 - 15% of the production costs) 
Most modern coating technology like TiAlN, Balinit FUTURA NANO, Balinit X.CEED, Balinit ALCRONA (AlCrN) as well as nano-crystalline diamond (for graphite or nonferrous metals) result in extreme cutting efficiency and thereby reduce the main cutting and finishing time. 
To avoid geometric deformations and deviations in dimensions caused by heat, the hot swarf have to be removed from the working area as fast as possible by using the gravity as well the higher acceleration and chip deflection.
By using ultra fine micrograin carbide (average grain size 0,4 µm) our HSC-cutting tools get an extremely sharp edge finish. Maximum proportion of hardness and toughness as well as a high heat resistance facilitate an increased tool life and production security. 


New trochoidal end mills with variable helix

Variable helix, extra long flutes, chip breaker, corner radius or chamfer

Our new trochoidal end mills with variable helix (5 flutes 37°/38° + 41°/42° right-hand helix) are ideally suited for machining steel (37°/38°) as well as stainless steel, heat resistant alloys or titanium (41°/42°) with trochoidal milling techniques. Please find cutting data and dimensions in the included


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New overall product catalog 2016

Everything from A to Z , from aluminum to titanium

In our new catalogue 2016 you can find information about:

  • Solid carbide saw blades , circular knives , saw blade chucks,
  • carbide shank end mills for conventional processing, for special applications, for steel, aluminum, for graphite and composite materials ( CFK / GFK )
  • Shank end mills in powder steel and HSSCo8
  • Carbide burrs
  • Solid carbide high performance drill for universal applications

DOWNLOAD | Bassewitz overall product catalogue 2016 | 16MB

We will gladly answer your questions: 07221-99 38 80.


The following products are part of our product range:

  • ALL
  • HSC
  • VHM
  • Diamant
  • HSS
Carbide shank end mills for hardended materials

The high performance cutting requires special option of the cutting tools; here the decisive criteria is the optimizing of geometry and the continuous improvement of the raw material in combination with most modern coating technology.

Carbide shank end mills for hardended materials
Carbide miniature end mills

To cut thin-walled parts we count on the use of miniature end mills (up to dia. 0.1 mm) at high speed cutting (HSC). High revolutions and a dynamic mobile guidance guarantee high end precision.

Carbide miniature end mills
Circular knives in HSS and solid carbide

Circular knives with one-sided or two-sided bevel, as well in toothed execution. Circular knives are special tools which are not made according to standards but mainly to the requirements of our customers.
The technical specification of these tools is specially designed according to each cutting problem. Due to that we have to know the cutting conditions as well as the use of the blade.
We are offering circular knives from 15 – 400 mm (HSS) i.e. 300 mm (solid carbide) which are used to cut rubber, leather, card paper, insulation material, plastics, steel, non-ferrous metals etc.

Circular knives in HSS and solid carbide
Special carbide saw blades

Further tooth forms are form B, Aw (form a with alternating bevel), Bw (form B with alternating bevel) as well as form C (formerly HZ with pre- and main cutter), helical teeth, with full or corner radius, with V-profile or profile according to customer’s requirements, with hub (one-sided or two-sided), with keyway similar to DIN 138, with coating equivalent for cutting material.

Special carbide saw blades
Carbide HSC shank end mills

Due to the recent developments in the areas of cutting tools, milling spindles and machine tools the high performance milling is becomming more and more important in comparison with the conventional milling.

The high performance milling demand certain standards on the cutting tools to be used; conclusive criterions are the optimized geometry of the flutes and the continuous improvement of cutting materials combined with the most modern coating technology.

Substantial advantages:

  •  Increased volume of chip production
  •  Reduction of resultant cutting forces
  •  Low temperatures on workpieces due to heat dissipation through chips
  •  High surface quality
  •  Reduced production times
  •  Optimized chip removal
Carbide HSC shank end mills
Diamond coated shank end mills

Graphite componets can be manufactured five times faster and achieve a better quality with high speed milling than with conventional chip-removal technologies. However this requires solid carbide end mills with best wear resistance and long tool life. Balinit®diamond coated carbide tools outperform all other cutting materials in this respect.

The diamond hard coating increases the tool life of solid carbide tools by a factor of 10. Complex workpieces can be machined with one end mill in one set-up. This single-pass machnining improves the quality of graphite electrodes. Costly reworking becomes superfluous.

The manufactures of the die and mold and the semiconductor industry use this advantage when producing graphite electrodes for the EDM applications for forging dies, pressure die-casting moulds, injection moulds for plastics, precision components such as graphite boats, graphite crucibles, graphite susceptors.

Balinit® diamond coated solid carbide end mills are more and more used for machining fibre-reinforced plastics, copper and- precious metals.

Diamond coated shank end mills
Carbide saw blades

In our product range you will find standard saw blades with tooth form A with 40 – 160 teeth, pitch to DIN 1837, or 20 – 80 teeth, pitch to DIN 1838, or with extra fine pitch.

Carbide saw blades
Special tools in solid carbide and HSS

We are offering a number of various end mills for the die and mold industry. Next to standard tools there are cutting tools especially designed for milling special materials (hardness, wear off resistance). They are used to cut materials which are used for dies and molds which are difficult to mill.
There is a big number of different executions (cylindrical, conical, ball nose, straight etc.) available. They can be used for materials with high wear resistance on machines with high work power to achieve economical results.

Special tools in solid carbide and HSS

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