Delivery contract
Orders which cannot be delivered direct from stock are confirmed by us in writing. Our order confirmations must be examined closely and in case differences occur, these should be notified in writing by return. The orders are executed according to our confirmations. Standard dimensions, which are no longer manufactured although they may appear in the catalogue will be charged as a special execution according to the resulting costs.

We reserve the right to deliver a minimum of up to 10 % more or less of the ordered quantity for special executions.

Deliveries are effected ex works of the supplier at customer's risk. Postage and packing are charged separately.

Deliveries are invoiced according to the prices which appear in our last official price list ex work of the supplier. Prices mentioned are exclusive any increase or VAT. Special executions are charged according to our quotation or, unless otherwise stipulated on the confirmation, according to the resulting costs.

Delivery times
Delivery times are only binding if they are expressly confirmed as such by the supplier. The delivery times starts on clarification of all details of the execution. Unforeseen events, which are beyond the influence of the supplier such as belated delivery by a subsupplier, scrap by a subsupplier, will extend the delivery time in an adequate way even if they occur during an eventual delay. Partial deliveries are allowed.

The risk will pass to the customer as soon as the goods leave the supplier's house even if delivery free customer's works have been agreed upon. In case delivery will be delayed for reasons, which the supplier is not repsonsible for, all risks will pass to the customer on the goods being ready for despatch. The supplier will insure the goods on customer's request and at customer's charge against all damage caused by transport.


If not otherwise indicated our invoices have to be paid within 30 days net.

The customer has got complaint duty acc. to §377, §378 HGB. The supplier reserves the right to amend all catalogue entries without notice, to alter at any time the cutting geometries, the material qualities as well as all other technical data. If a defect occurs in one of our cutting tools due to a material defect or a hardening error, we will replace it free of charge. This guarantee covers, however, the replacement of the tool only, without any further compensation. Cutting tools which become defective due to normal or excessive wear cannot be replaced free of charge.

Court of jurisdiction
Court of jurisdiction is the court responsible for the main division of the supplier or the subsidiary from which the goods were supplied. However, the supplier can as well sue at the location of the customer.

Acceptance of the terms of delivery
The customer accepts our terms of delivery even if they are not attached to every single quotation or order confirmation.